петък, 6 юни 2014 г.





ART - NATURE Gabrovtsi 2014 is a laboratory of ideas and opportunities following these principles: feel nature, read its code, create art in harmony with it.

As the Duppini Art Group, we work in the field of contemporary visual arts. Originally coming from all over the country, we now live in the town of Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria. During the last 20 years we have become a community with a common goal – to create contemporary art in natural environment. We have consciously chosen to live and work in Bulgaria. Our work is future-oriented which is why we place a special emphasis on our creative interaction with children and students.

Veliko Tarnovo lies amidst breathtaking fairytale mountain scenery. Countless generations of Bulgarians have created their art here – painting, woodcarving, sculpture, icon-painting, architecture. Our wish is to keep the spirit and energy of this place alive so that it preserves its magic and continues to be a source of artistic inspiration.

The nearby beautiful village of Gabrovtsi has been transformed into a visual art centre where artists from Europe, Asia and America gather annually to take part in the symposium „Art - Nature“ with their installations, performances, plastic arts, music, theatre and photography.

We wish to continue developing Gabrovtsi as a centre where artists sharing common interests and pursuits from all over the world can meet. With your support you can help us to increase environmental awareness, revive the area, and inspire the creation of new works of art.

A part of the funding needed for the next “Art – Nature” symposium has been obtained and we could secure the accommodation and the publishing of a catalogue so far. Since we volunteer for the organisational work, we need your support only for a children's workshop, materials and for supplying food for approx. 20 people such as guest artists, assistants and volunteers for 14 days.

The international symposium is a laboratory of ideas and opportunities following these principles: feel nature, read its code, create art in harmony with it.

Support us and receive an exclusive gift and become a part of the creative experience “Art – Nature”.

Our belief is that art and communion with nature is the way to a healthier, more free, meaningful, beautiful and happier life. Join us on our journey!

Thank you for your support!

You can see the catalogues from last two yeas here:

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